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Demo: Gold Version

Store View
This demo shows the new look for version 6. Major changes from version 5.5.x Gold include: SEO / User friendly URLs, rebuilt store link rountines for better SEO with dynamic or user-friendly URLs, template driven checkout pages in addition to gateway specific order forms, all forward facing text mesages extracted into language files, html or text confirmation emails - template driven, ability to have other languages in storefront ( language file capabilities ), and more.

Click Here to see the current Gold Version Storefront.

Manager View
This sneak peak shows the extra goodies the Gold Version has to offer with some "pay to play" modules and Gold Version only add-ons installed, that are separate cost items. Version 6 offers a cleaner and easier to use interface, better SEO capabilities, more layout flexibility, more security, and more order processing/management functions.

Enhanced functions over 5.5.x Gold include: language files, all messages extracted from core code, all html and layouts controlled by templates or CSS, SEO management, confirmation email templates, automatic image resizing for main images upon upload. order data exports, orders viewable by date range, easier upgrades with core updates, template and button set installers, information divided into tabs on many manager interfaces, more graphics added to manager interface, news feeds, marketplace announcements, and much more.

Changes to Manager settings are disabled in this demo for security purposes.

Click Here to see the current Gold Version Store Manager (username=Demo, password=Demo).

View additional free templates available to AgoraCart users
     More templates also available for purchase in the AgoraCart Marketplace

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NOTE: A developers edition is available to Gold Version members that has human readable code (perltidy like). Normal code optimized for runtime.

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